The Every Day Hero Grant Program

Every day our firefighters, police officers, nurses, and teachers provide invaluable services to our community. It is because of these hometown heroes that our local communities continue to grow and thrive. The Gifting Grant program is designed to help give back to these heroes by offering them an opportunity to become home owners.  We do this by providing them with the knowledge and the financial resources they need to make their dream of home ownership a reality.

Getting started is easy!  

To apply, simply click on the Apply Now button below.  If you qualify for an FHA, Conventional, or VA mortgage loan through one of our Approved Service Providers, you will receive the FREE grant that never needs to be repaid.  This FREE grant money is used to reduce, or even eliminate your closing costs.*

Each of our Approved Service Providers have received training on the best way to structure no cost loans to assist you with the purchase of your new home!



  • First-time Homebuyer -  Down-payment and closing-cost for first-time homebuyers.  Must meet the definition of first-time homebuyer as defined by HUD HOC reference guide chapter (, expanded to include recovering victims of catastrophic loss or natural disasters.  Maximum Subsidy:  $5,000

  • Community Partners -  Down-payment and closing-cost for first-time or non-first-time homebuyers currently employed or retired law enforcement officers, educators, health care workers, firefighters, and or any other first responder, such as an emergency medical technician or National Guard or Reservist.  Maximum Subsidy:  $7,500

  • Foreclosure Recovery -  Down-payment and closing-cost for first-time or non-first-time homebuyers purchasing properties from an FHLB Atlanta member's REO portfolio.   Maximum Subsidy:  $15,000

  • Matching Requirement -  $1,000 borrower minimum contribution.  4:1 matching subsidy ratio

FHLB Products have income and housing restrictions. 


*All grants are subject to Gifting Grants' available funds